Proxy Voting, Data and Ratings Services

Proxy Voting Service

  • Coverage of clients' European and global portfolios.
  • Each ECGS Research Report includes meeting agendas, voting analysis and advice and a review of key governance issues such as board structure, remuneration, audit and shareholder rights.
  • Internet delivery via password protected website.
  • ECGS researchers available for client dialogue.
  • Provision of voting advice on established electronic voting platforms.
  • Full range of proxy voting services including client specific voting, template design and vote execution.
  • Voting policy consultation service.


Corporate Governance Data

  • Provision of data covering the key governance indicators for the ECGS universe.
  • Available data includes individual director information, board structure, shareholder rights, remuneration, audit issues and proxy voting results.
  • Data enables ratings and in-depth comparisons of companies and countries.
  • Bespoke research and consultancy on all aspects of European data.


Engagement Service

  • Definition of the engagement agenda and themes.
  • Background research and analysis on specific engagement topics and companies.
  • Dialogue with issuers.
  • Review and reporting prior to general meetings.



Public Affairs Service

  • Regulatory contribution platform.
  • Discussions regarding ECGS postion papers.
  • Responses to consulting public authorities or private consulting bodies.


Corporate Governance Ratings

  • Provision of rating covering the key governance indicators for the ECGS universe.
  • Evaluation of companies' performance according to their countries and sectors.
  • Annual updates of companies' ratings.


Market Intelligence

  • Market overviews: written by local partners,with in-depth coverage of local market best practice and corporate governance laws and regulations.
  • Bespoke research and consultancy, utilizing ECGS's unique network of local market experts.
  • Conferences and seminars on global corporate governance.
  • Local market research studies and publications on a variety of key governance issues.