Ryanair still a bad pupil in terms of governance and transparency!

Ryanair 2013 AGM will take place in Dublin on Saturday 21st of September. At this occasion, in its latest report on the company available on request, ECGS highlighted the fact that the Irish registered company is still one of the worst pupil for a company listed on the London Stock Exchange in terms of reporting and corporate governance standards. Indeed, there are number of concerns over the level of reporting with a symbolic report on remuneration policy, one page long only comprising a brief description of policy statement!

On another subject, the company which was recently officially declared “the cleanest airline by passenger volume" according to a recent report by the US sustainability technology company Brighter Planet, fails to report properly with no dedicated section on sustainability in its annual report.

Although Ryanair is incorporated in Ireland, given its listing on the London Stock Exchange, ECGS urges the Company and its “colorful attention loving CEO” to make an effort to align its level of reporting and corporate governance standards to that one of FTSE companies.


London, September 5th, 2013