A new name for ECGS and a new Italian partner

A new name for ECGS
ECGS, the leading European proxy voting partnership,  formerly European Corporate Governance Service, changed its full name to Expert Corporate Governance Service as of October 1st. The ECGS strategy is to offer the broadest companies coverage to investors clients. As its long relationship with Montreal’s Groupe Investissement Responsable (GIR) insures already a coverage of Canadian and US companies general meetings, while SIRIS in Melbourne offers Asian proxy research for several Asian markets, the ECGS Board decided to modify the company name to better remind its focus on local expertise.
Jella Benner-Heinacher, Chairwoman of ECGS and managing director of DSW (Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz)said:  “The equity segment will become more and more relevant to investment portfolios as it will be delivering higher return than fixed rates securities, but investors deserve to be equipped with the most informed and independent advisers notably to limit the conflicts of interest that could put the value of their assets at risk.”


New Italian member for ECGS

ECGS welcomes Frontis Governance, an independent proxy advisory firm based in Rome and managed by Sergio Carbonara, who joined as Italian partner on 1st October.
Pierre-Henri Leroy, Managing Partner of ECGS and President of Proxinvestsaid “The Italian consultant Frontis Governance, under the lead of Sergio Carbonara,  a seasoned Italian corporate governance professional, will enhance local expertise which is the value added of ECGS. The new partner will contribute to ensuring a high level service of proxy voting advice for institutional shareowners.”
ECGS Partners:
Ethos Services (Geneva),
DSW (Düsseldorf),
Proxinvest (Paris), www.proxinvest.com
Shareholder Support (Rotterdam), www.shareholdersupport.nl
Frontis Governance (Rome)www.frontisgovernance.com     
For more information:
Jella Benner-Heinacher (phone +49 211 66 97 15)
Pierre-Henri Leroy (phone +33 145 51 50 43)