Stewardship Code Compliance

ECGS corporate governance advisory and proxy voting services are contributing to the satisfaction of the principles set out by the Stewardship Code in assisting investors to meet their fiduciary obligations. As a European partnership with clients on a pan european scale, ECGS considers that the principles of the code should also apply to institutional invetsors outside the UK. In this extent, ECGS intends to discuss the principles with international clients in order to evaluate and strenghten their compliance. 

As an independent Proxy advisor ECGS has been responding to the Code since 2010. Following the consultation launched by the FRC in 2012, and the draft of an amended Code in September 2012, you will find here our new response to the 2012 Stewardship Code :

ECGS response to the UK Stewardship Code 2012 

UK Stewardship Code 2012

Following the requirements of Article 6 of the Code, we publicly disclose our detailed voting recommendations and our vote distribution.

To find out about our detailed voting recommendations for the fiscal year 01/10/2012 - 30/09/2013, click here

To find out about our previous fiscal years detailed voting recommendations:


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