Sika: Ethos, the Swiss partner of ECGS, publishes its voting recommendations for the AGM of 14.4.2015

At the AGM of Sika that will take place on 14 April 2015, Ethos will oppose the reelection to the board of the three representatives of the Burkard family (Urs Burkard, Willi Leimer, Jürgen Tinggren) as well as the election of a new nominee (Max Roesle) proposed as chairman by the Burkard family. The Ethos Foundation also recommends approving the three shareholder resolutions that request the removal of the opting out clause, the conduct of a special audit and the nomination of independent experts.

The detailed analysis of the different items on the agenda of the annual general meeting of Sika with Ethos' voting recommendations is publicly available. Ethos urges all the shareholders to exercise their voting rights at this important meeting. It is crucial that minority shareholders massively vote to defend the long term interests of Sika. In this context, Ethos is satisfied with the recent decision of the Court of Canton Zug that confirmed the 5% voting limit on the registered shares that applies to the registered shares of the Schenker-Winkler Holding held by the Burkard family.

The minority shareholders hold bearer shares. Those who want to exercise their voting rights must ask their depositary bank to send them an entry card for the meeting. This card enables them to either participate in person in the meeting or to be represented by another person. The Ethos Foundation will participate in the general meeting and will represent any shareholders that wish so. To this effect, the shareholders must give proxy to “Ethos Foundation, PO Box, 1211 Geneva 1”. Ethos will vote in accordance with the recommendations that are included in its proxy voting report.

Ethos proxy voting report for Sika with voting recommendations