ECGS supports the EuroFinuse initiative on Better Finance Manifesto !

ECGS supports the initiative of EuroFinuse launched in February 2014 for better finace and improved consumer protection, long term investments and better governance. Learn more about the initiative here by reading the official press release of EuroFinuse: 


Brussels, 28 February 2014 - In May nearly 400 million Europeans across all 28 EU member states will be called to vote in the European parliamentary elections. Whereas there are many challenges ahead for European politicians, few are as acute and essential as dealing with the fallout of the financial crisis that Europe has been going through for the last years, affecting savings and pensions, job creation, economic growth and – ultimately – democracy...

These issues are too important to be left to the powerful lobbies of the financial industry alone. The establishment of an adequate counterbalance to the disproportionate influence of these lobbies on financial policy making is crucial if finance is to serve the real economy and society as a whole. Small savers, individual investors and shareholders, insurance policy holders and pension plan participants  - in short, most European citizens, who have been among the main victims of the financial crisis - have too often seen the legislative process hijacked by the financial industry lobbies to fit their own needs. Indeed, the last five years of European financial policy have been mostly – if not entirely – focused on “financial stability”, i.e. on helping big banks at the expense of the real economy, taxpayers, savers, small businesses and citizens in general. It is time to fight back and demand that the concerns of savers be taken into account by our politicians.

And what better place to start than with the MEPs who are supposed to represent us in Brussels?

To this end the team at EuroFinUse wrote the BETTER FINANCE Manifesto, outlining 4 key financial policy demands to be presented to the newly elected MEPs in 2014. The official launch of the manifesto will take place on 28 March 2014 at the BETTER FINANCE conference at the European Parliament, where MEPs from the different political groups will debate the various principles defined in the manifesto.

             Read the BETTER FINANCE Manifesto.

London, March 10, 2014