ECGS Conference held in London on Monday 24 February

On Monday 24th of February, ECGS partners and investors were gathered in London (Haymarket House, 28 Haymarket) to publicly present the new partnership between ECGS and the UK proxy voting agency Manifest (MIS) for the 2014 proxy season.

As announced on January 12th, Manifest (MIS) will provide ECGS with customized research and voting guidance on UK and Irish listed companies. In addition, ECGS voting advice and engagement services will be able to leverage Manifest’s award-winning vote agency and governance analytics solutions as ECGS’ research will be hosted alongside Manifest’s global coverage of 6,000 companies. 

At this occasion, Pierre-Henri Leroy (ECGS managing director) and Sarah Wilson (Manifest, CEO) presented ECGS as a real alternative for European Investors to American proxy firms. Besides, they emphasized on the capacity for ECGS and Manifest to join their forces on engagement services and campaigns thanks to an active local partners and unrivalled expertise in Europe.

A brief overview of the ECGS European non-executive directors’ 2012 remuneration survey was presented and the complete report will soon be available for ECGS clients on demand. Loïc Dessaint (Proxinvest, CEO) and Dominique Biedermann (Ethos Fondation, CEO) closed the conference with two speeches on new local say on pay practices in France and on the “Minder” Initiative in Switzerland.

ECGS thanks all participants for their presence.

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