Frontis Governance, the Italian Partner of the ECGS network published its 2013 Remuneration and Performance Survey

We welcome the publication of the 2013 Remuneration and Performance Survey released by our Italian focused on the 98 largest Italian listed companies, Pay on Performance, Analysis of 2012 remuneration in Italian listed companies.


During the last few years, also thanks to the financial crisis, the executives’ remuneration at listed companies has become a critical issue in the dialogue between issuers and shareholders, who often contested the gap between the top managers’ compensation and the value created. The FrontisGovernance’s report analyses in deepest details all the remuneration components of the CEOs and the Board members of 98 Italian listed companies. The purpose of the study is not to define whether an overall compensation is too high, but, as the title states, to evaluate its actual alignment to the company’s goals: are remunerations effectively structured to pay the performance? .......

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Paris, 01/10/2013