About ECGS

The Expert Corporate Governance Service (ECGS) partnership was created in 2001.

ECGS helps institutional investors with global asset portfolios to understand the regulatory diversity in Europe by providing corporate governance research and proxy voting advice based on local market expertise. Governance structures and shareholder rights vary widely in different European or non-European markets according to law, regulation and cultural traditions. Pursuing a consistent proxy voting or corporate governance engagement policy across markets therefore can be challenging for global investors.

ECGS' mission is to provide fully independent corporate governance research to institutional investors and to improve governance standards amongst companies in Europe and the rest of the world. ECGS provides harmonised research and advice that reflects local circumstances. All research is undertaken by experts with in-depth knowledge of the local norms and conditions.

ECGS recognizes that a 'one size fits all' approach is inappropriate but that institutional investors support common international standards. Our voting advice assesses companies against accepted international standards of best practice such as OECD, ICGN and EU recommendations. The ECGS partnership model is unique in balancing local best practice with international standards based on an assessment by the local market expert in light of our ECGS Governance Principles for listed companies.